Letters to Hans

Dear Hans, we cherish so much our own seeking and suffering; it gives us an identity.

Our ego -- our unaware resistance to the flow of Life -- prefers misery over death... not our physical death, but the letting go of the attachment to our faulty memory-based "me" identity. We are so invested in the past and our seeming understandings.

Life is unbelievably beautiful and benevolent.

Thank you for your openness and bravery to be radically open in investigating the mechanism of your own suffering.

Without clarity our compassion can easily be hijacked and abused by ego.


PS: What I share are only pointers for our own discovery; they are descriptions, not prescriptions. We had enough believing, hoping and wishful thinking. Please proof me wrong; it is a win-win!

"The belief that we are a separate self creates the feeling that there is a separate object, other or world. When it is seen clearly that the inside self is non-existent, the world as it once seemed to be, is also found to be non-existent. All that remains is the seamless intimacy of experience which is known as love."

Rupert Spira